Nursery Care Information

Nursery care is available for Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services as well as Wednesday activities that begin at 6:00 p.m. The nursery is staffed by caring females committed to safety and respect for your precious child. We are blessed to have a full time employee, with a background in developmental education for children, as the primary attendant. Staffing is adjusted according to need and generally maintains a ratio of 4 children to one attendant. Several of the church members who have volunteered to supplement nursery staffing are either school teachers at area Elementary and Middle schools or Registered Nurses. (Most of the volunteers currently have children in the nursery.)

Our nursery accepts children ages 4 years and under. Most new moms prefer to keep their babies with them until they are close to 12 months old, however, we can accommodate babies.

Nursing mothers may use the private library as needed for feedings and there is a soft bench and changing table in the Ladies Restroom.

Our nursery is clean and supplied with age appropriate toys.

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