Bethel Methodist Defined

Pronunciation: beth·el
Definition: A place of worship; a hallowed spot.

Bethel is mentioned several times in Genesis. It is first mentioned in Genesis 12:3, but the best-known instance is probably Genesis 28:11-19, when Jacob, fleeing from the wrath of his brother Esau, falls asleep on a stone and dreams of a ladder stretching between Heaven and Earth and thronged with angels; Yahweh stands at the top of the ladder, and promises Jacob the land of Canaan; when Jacob awakes he anoints the stone (baetylus) with oil and names the place Bethel.

The spiritual lesson is simple. Man was on the earth, ignorant of God. God set up a ladder or staircase so that man could seek and find Him by the word ("angel" means messenger, the angels represent the messages on the ladder). Wherever man is coming to know God through this ladder is indeed "Bethel". In John 1:5 Jesus identifies himself as the ladder! Through faith in Jesus Christ we can seek and we can find!

A Word About Methodism

We believe men and women must be “Christian” first, by receiving Christ as personal Savior and following the Christ received. Yet it is entirely appropriate that various interpretations of Scripture and their resulting beliefs and practices are condensed and identified by denominational names. Unfortunately, the modern perception of Methodism is one of wide tolerance of differing moral opinion and biblical interpretation. Such was not always the case.

Historically, Methodism emphasized achieving the highest standard of righteous living through a greater understanding of God’s truth. Its message rescued 18th century England from moral and political ruin. Methodism also was the leader in establishing effective Christianity on the expanding American frontier.

The Bethel Methodist Church espouses all that is truly Christian, including personal salvation by the atoning death of Jesus Christ through faith alone, and full confidence in the Holy Scriptures as the inspired Word of God. We believe Methodism, in its truest form, represents the most complete and accurate presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that Methodism may yet become all that God intended and needs it to be.

Why Bethel Methodism?

"The Church and Society In Serious Trouble" II Timothy 3:1-5/4:3-4

We are deeply concerned over the breakdown of moral standards and behavior in our day which rivals that of the time of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 6:5; Luke 17:26-30). Now, as then, there is only one cause for each breakdown in human morality: The failure of God's people to maintain the true knowledge of God.

Jesus Christ said of His church:
"Ye are the salt of the earth; but if the salt have lost his savour... It is thenceforth good for nothing..." Matthew 5:13

Throughout history, salt has been used as a preservative to retard the decay of foods, especially meats. Christ teaches that the Church is to be the "salt of the earth." As such, it retards the moral corruption and decay of human society. The "savour" - the vital ingredient which makes the Church "salt" - is her knowledge, understanding, and realization of God. The more the Church knows, understands, and believes about God, the more moral she becomes. In turn, the Church exerts strong moral influence on society.

In light of Christ's "salt principle" and current events, we are convinced that the Church is in the subtle process of losing God's truth. As a result, the Church has lost its place of moral influence within society. Unless this decline of God's truth in the Church is reversed, the Church will soon become "good for nothing," and the resulting spiritual and moral collapse of society will be without remedy.

Please carefully consider the following:

  • America is now suffering an unprecedented rise in crime, immorality, and occultism.
  • This spirtual and moral collapse in society is caused by the breakdown of morality within the Church.
  • This shocking moral breakdown in the Church is caused by the fact that she is losing her "savour"- proper understanding of God's truth.
  • Because of these alarming conditions in the Church and society, we believe God compelled us to organize a new Christian denomination known as The Bethel Methodist Church. The primary purpose of our church is "to know and understand God." This commits us to the fullest possible restoration, preservation, and discovery of God's truth, and to share what we learn with others as we have opportunity. Accordingly, we have an abiding interest in outreach through evangelism, new churches, and world missions.

    Church Government

    Each local congregation of the Bethel Methodist Church holds title to its own property and calls its own minister by congregational vote. A General Conference is held annually for prayer, worship, and fellowship, and to conduct the business necessary to carry out the program of the denomination.

    Our program is simple, and designed to enlarge our knowlege and deepen our understanding of God through preaching, teaching, Bible studies, and theological seminars. We also recognize the urgent need to equip our children and young people to overcome the dangerous environment they face both now and in the future. In addition, we have frequent fellowships and social activities for all ages.

    We would value an opportunity to answer any questions you may have about our church. Our interest in you is not motivated by the desire to increase ourselves numerically or financially. Our motivation is to achieve a higher standard of Christian living and divine service by mutually deepening our understanding of God's Word.

    Discipline of the Bethel Methodist Church
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